Being green, doesn't mean you have to compromise value & performance. The SunLux 3 uses a single crystal solar panel and Li-ion 1,000 charge cycle battery which reduces pollution. Quick installation, hassle free adjustments and 3 bright LED make this light a great value.


3* NICHIA LED, 12500~15500mcd
Storage battery : Li-ion Polymer Battery : 610mah
3 Nichia bright white LED , lights operate in 2 mode constant and flashing

Charging time
Run time
Constant Flashing
2 hours
2 hours 4 hours
4 hours
4 hours 8 hours
6 hours
6 hours 12 hours

Stylish light with solar power technology for biking , hiking , backpacking , camping , adventure racing , boating , climbing and emergency lighting for home or vehicle.

Sturdy, water resistant, elegant hard housing protects the light's inner component against the bump and crush , good for cycling in any weather condition.

2 hours Quick charge under sun. It works more than 1 hours for constant mode and 2 hours for flashing mode in full power condition.

Quick Installation with hassle-free adjustment.