A bright white Cree LED and beam view design that provides not only brightness, but also addresses the concern of the affect on the on-coming rider's vision. This light has a highbred charging system with both solar and USB capabilities.


‧CREE LED: Output over 200 lumens
‧Storage Battery : Li-ion polymer battery : 2400 mAh
‧Operates in 3 mode , Strong , Medium and Flashing

Charging time
Run time
Strong Medium Flashing
2 hours
90 mins 180 mins 180 mins
4 hours
180 mins 360 mins 360 mins


Beam View::
The Beam view from 1M – 10M ahead of the bike which similar to German StZVO standard. This head light uses a cut off line on top of the light view to prevent the light from shining on coming riders eyes.

Smart Charging System::
This light can be charge by either solar power or a quick charging Mini-USB plug.

Our system use Li-ion polymer battery technology which reduces the need for frequent replacement of batteries.